August 23 , 2016

Sam and I were chilling in the bed He was playing candy crush and I was working on my social media management business. ( yeah Facebook , I was on Facebook don’t judge me ! ) I thought I heard  something in the kitchen , Sam went to check and there were 4 or 5 cops in the back room with they’re guns drawn. They ordered us outside , no explanation , why should they tell us why they are pointing guns at us making us stand outside and going through our meger belongings. We had to stand outside and speculate.

Finally detective belle from the sex crimes decision came to give us as little info as possible while finding out as much as we would tell them. He said he was investigating  something the folks my dad was forced to get an eviction on told him. They were being evicted because they wouldn’t move , clean up , cook or help my dad at all. That was why they were there to help.

These evil bitches bragged about their plan. They were going to stay until my dad died , then take over the house.  They even talked about turning off his oxygen. They sold all his food to the neighborhood kids. They locked his dishes , towels , cleaning supplies and bathroom items in they’re closet. They cussed at him and threatened him. Then when he said fuck this , got them out and ruined they’re plan. They made up a sex abuse story. So it’s my dad that gets arrested. My dad that has his face plastered everywhere with sex crimes attached  , my dad behind bars.


Its also my dad that received poor care , my dad that was denied oxygen , my dad that was ignored by the guards , my dad that didn’t think he would get out of there alive. My dad that died alone and accused of things he wouldn’t do even if he were physically able.

There are so many things wrong with this , I can’t get them straight. My dad is dead. He should have been home. Rest in peace daddy


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