My father has an arraignment Tuesday. The first one was on Sept 28, 2016. On that day my father was the last inmate to be brought before the judge. When he was wheeled into the courtroom tears started streaming down my face. Everyone else had to leave it was taking so long I was the only spectator left in the room. My dad was grey in color and struggling to breathe. The Public Defender assigned to him leaned over to whisper in his ear what was going on. As she did this the prosecutor walked across the room and got a paper towel and handed it too me. The public defender was trying to tell my father that since he was out of oxygen and unable to breathe the judge was postponing the arraignment another month.

Now call me crazy , I would think breathing would be an understood right for all humans ( unless of course they have been sentanced to death justly or not , even then they keep them breathing until the very last. What happened was his oxygen tank was not enough to last through hours of court. The bailiff that was guarding my father called the jail and requested another tank , they were denied. So another month he waits to profess his innocence , another month of his life taken due to carelessness and just not caring. Another month his tired old bones ache from the hard cot. Another month he is in pain because its not being treated. Another month taken because he is presumed guilty. What is right about this ? I can see nothing.

Another month I get messages from the girl he had to evict from his home , the one that made the accusations. She made a fake profile and thought she was being slick. I may be poor , some may even call me white trash ( I’m not bothered by it , they are ignorant ) one thing I most certainly am not is stupid. Underestimate me , go ahead. I love it.

I will continue to use all that I have my words , my voice , my social media savvy. I’ll take my screen shots and post my thoughts and I’ll not take shit from anyone. I’ll continue to call the jail and the PD and the nurses and whoever else I can think to damn call. I’ll write my letters and express my outrage at a system that let’s young white men from good family’s ( meaning people with means these days ) get no jail time for RAPING A 2 YEAR OLD AND STREAMING IT ON FACEBOOK.  As my 72 year old father sit among strangers that believe he is a criminal instead of watching TV and eating the meals o feel guilty every day for preparing in his absence. Keep him in your thoughts dear reader. What would you do if you were faced with such a plight , I feel so helpless.



6 thoughts on “Waiting for Justice

  1. My thoughts are with you and your dad. Regretfully, we are living a time where the currrupted prevail, while we lessor mortals waste our times arguing between us on little things , rather than unite to tell the corridors of power…. ENOUGH S ENOUGH


    1. Thank you for your kind words. Sadly I have very little faith in the system. I heard about the ridiculous accusations before I came back to Louisiana to help him out , I thought to myself that anyone can look at my dad and know the accusers are lying. How wrong I was. I will keep up my fight appreciate your support. Be safe


  2. I, as in PIGMONMANIK, have witnessed such in my own recent incarceration from and in the Pits of Hell. I am still under Federal charges for just speaking up for the elderly, the Incarcerated, the rights of the Handicapped, Oppressed, and many other causes I chose to partake in. Even in Animal Rights do I take a strong stand. My 5th appearance in front of a Judge in 1st District Court, Caddo Parish, Louisiana is the 31st of this month. January 2017 after charges levied on me March 20, 2016. “Impersonating A Peace Officer” I beg your pardon? I AM A PEACE OFFICER as sanctioned by the Parish Authority. Is this a racist thing in reverse? I strive to protect all. Not just some of my choice. Or yours either. Meaning society as we think it.
    I too, have grievances with the Justice System. Not only in this backwoods state, but around the World. Thus, my high standing in the Global effort with Global Citizen has remained in high regards since 2009 with the DOJ/BOJ/BJA of the United States Government, and in Ireland and the UK as a Dual Citizen. There will be many eyes and ears following the outcome, but I will never Back Down from what I feel is Right. I will have my day and at the age of 66 I have not much to lose. But oh do they ever have. I have Law Degrees in both Civil and Criminal Law and Procedures they overlooked. I represent myself as Pro Se’. They are trying to determine me as mentally incompetent. One of which I admit to, but not in this theater of justice. Keep the faith I see in you and never, never, give up, give in, Stand Your Ground for the sake of others in similar situations. I applaud you and am honored to know you. I am at your call for further research if in the name of Justice.



    1. It is such a comfort knowing you are a devoted advocate so much so that you yourself are now facing charges. I am proud to know you and I support you in your fight. My father’s plight is not the first time I have been wronged by our justice system and I’m tired of being put in these horrific situations. I am writing a story now about a young man that lost his childhood due to false allegations and a lack of funds for a high priced mouth piece. Your a hero in my eyes Sir.


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